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 Insurance Reduction Certificate Course

 Class 5 Driver Education Course 

  • Cost $800+GST

  • Consists 15 hours of driving theory (online) and 10 hours of road driving lessons (Details Below)

  • Gets you insurance reduction for upto 3 years. Premium reduction calculated by Insurance Co. & varies

  • Also reduces GDL probation by 6 months from class 5 license

  • Need to pass online driving theory and qualify in driving instructor’s evaluation to receive Driver Education certificate

  • Theory and Road Lessons can be done simultaneous. Can buy more lessons after the course if desirous. Weekend, holiday & after 4pm lessons are $10 Cash extra. This Course to be completed within 1 year without extra charges

  • Course gets you insurance reduction certificate and prepares you for Road Test. Alberta transportation recommends 30 to 40 hours driving practice after learning to become capable and pass road test. Students who are novice, nervous, aged, lacks confidence, have difficulty in coordinating their mind and actions while driving, WILL NEED EXTRA driving lessons/practice to become capable drivers.
  • Each driving lesson of 2 hours. Max 2 lessons allowed in a day. HIGHLY recommended to do driving lessons closer to each other to drive max benifit of learning 
  • Proceed to the next driving lesson ONLY if you are satisfied with previous driving lessons. Otherwise feel free to cancel the course and receive refund as per our refund policy 

  • Road Test is to be booked by student at any registry or through website

  • Student Training Car available for road test, provided we feel that student is capable to pass road test

 How To Start 

  • Strongly recommended to see our Availability Calendar of driving lessons to see if it suits you

  • Email us to find the vacancy for the course. After receiving our reply 

  • Send snapshot of your "driver's license" and we will prepare your registration form and send to you for approval. Sample Form

  • Click BOOKING anytime on website to book your 5 driving lessons. Booking of lessons is on first come first serve basis. Weekend, holiday & after 4pm lessons are $10 Cash extra

  • Total cost $800+gst=$840. Pay minimum $340 or more or full by intrac transfer

  • Click here to see Refund Policy. No refund of Driving Theory portion fee $150 after issue of online link to the student

  • Driving Theory link and Payment Receipt are automatically generated to your email upon receipt of initial payment

  • Student can change/cancel Lesson more than 2 dates prior to lesson at no cost. Cancellation within 2 dates of lesson or No-Show by the student will cost $75

 What Course Includes 

Driving Theory (online) 

  1. Of 15 hours. To be done on your computer in your own time. Use google chrome on PC for best results.

  2. Link valid for 90 days to start from date of issue. Can finish within 1 year from start date. Recommended to finish theory before road driving lessons but can be done simultaneously. No refund of Driving Theory portion fee after issue of Online link to the student

  3. Theory is divided in modules. Any module can be repeated any number of times. Includes interactive videos and exercises to teach correct driving technique, traffic rules and reactions to various traffic situation. You can track your understanding and progress

  4. At the end, you get upto 3 attempts to qualify in Driving Theory multi choice quiz with minimum 80%. Students who deliberately do the modules, easily pass

Road Driving Lessons

  1. Of 10 hours. Conducted in 5 driving lesson of 2 hours each. Extra lessons can be purchased if student desires. At the end of all driving lessons, student needs to qualify in driving instructor’s evaluation with minimum 75% (means drive independently)

  2. We provide Government approved modified driver training car car along with driving instructor for the driving lessons

  3. Free pick up and drop off of the student in Red Deer

  4. Driving lessons can be booked anytime by clicking BOOKING on website.

  5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to do all your driving lessons closer to each other for maximum benifit

 Driving Lessons Include 

Teach following aspects. Will need extra lessons to complete teaching on all aspects for slow learners, novice and nervous drivers

  • Pre Trip activities as a Class 5 license holder

  • Actions on start and return

  • Activities while driving

  • Moving out from curbside parking and returning

  • Parallel parking in normal and tight parking spots

  • Uphill and Downhill parking

  • Angle and Perpendicular parking in parking lot

  • Reverse parking

  • Lane changing in various situations

  • Navigating controlled intersection

  • Navigating un-controlled intersection

  • Navigating traffic circles

  • Downtown driving

  • Turns at various types of intersections

  • Backing

  • Entering and Exiting highway

  • Lane changing on highway

  • Dealing with various traffic conditions


Our Goal - Safe, Responsible and Confident Drivers. We aim at lifetime investment in student and NOT only to pass the road test. Our driving instructors are highly rated professional, who teach driving skills in most technical, logical and proficient manner

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