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  1. Cost $150+ GST. Consist of 15 hours of driving theory class (online)

  2. Helps to prepare for Class 7 theory test

  3. To be completed ONLINE on your computer. Link will be issued to your email. Link valid for 90 days to start from date of issue. To be completed within 1 year from start date. Theory divided in modules. Any module can be repeated any number of times

  4. Includes interactive videos and exercises to teaches correct driving technique, traffic rules and reactions to various traffic situation. Track your understanding and progress

  5. At the end, you get upto 3 attempts to qualify in Driving Theory multi choice quiz with minimum 80%. Students who deliberately do the modules, easily pass

  6. No refund of Driving Theory fee after issue of Online link to the student​. Please contact us if you need clarification

  7. You can combine it later with 10 hours driving lessons + GST to convert to Insurance Reduction Certificate course

  8. Online link for Driving Theory and payment receipt will be automatically generated to your email upon receipt of payment. Click NEXT to proceed

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