Frequently asked questions

Book Road Test

Booked by the student at any registry in whichever area the student plans to appear in road test. Each registry has a separate booking calendar and separate waitlist. You can book road test at any registry in Alberta. There are 5 registries in Red Deer Can also book road test online at this website

Possible to get a driving lesson timeslot

Our availability calendar remains updated. Still email us your requirement and we will try to accomodate you if possible

Insurance Reduction Certificate

Driver Training Certificate can be issued only after you compete minimum 10 hours road driving lessons and 15 hours driving theory

Get early date for Road Test

Booking of road test is done at the registry. Each registry has a separate booking calendar and separate wait list.

Will I be ready for my Class 5 road test at the end of this course?

If you have enough previous driving experience (or) if you practice enough driving between in-car road driving lessons. The more you practice with friends / family in-between lessons, the greater the chances of passing in the first attempt

COVID-19 precautions being taken by school

While conducting road driving lessons, we will take following precautions 1. No lessons for students who are having any symptoms of flu, body ache, fever, stomach upset, difficulty in breathing and for students who had been in contact with any person who had COVID symptoms in past 14 days 2. After every lesson, sanitize car steering wheel, gear lever, signal lever and all parts of car which might have been touched by student during driving lesson 3. Open doors of car after every lesson for air circulation 4. Driving Instructor and Student to wear face mask for the duration of driving lesson 5. We will provide wet wipes and hand sanitizer to every student before the lesson. Student to bring their own face mask