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Car Rental for Road Test

  1. Rate $145+GST for each 2 hours booking

  2. Includes 45 min brush up driving before test + 30 min early reporting time + 45 min of road test 

  3. Providing car at School's discretion only for those students of our school who we feel capable to pass road test

  4. Road test can be booked at the registry or by using this external link

  5. Booking Example If on calendar below, you see timeslot 8.30am to 10.30am available, then book your road test to start latest at 9.45am.  You need to report to registry 20-30 min early for paperwork. Therefore, first 45-55 min of booking will be your brush up driving, then you report to registry and your test starts at 9.45am for 45 min till 10.30am

  6. Due to unexpected mechanical problem or any other unforeseen circumstances, availability of car for road test is NOT guaranteed. Please keep alternate arrangements ready. No compensation other than full refund of advance received, will be provided, in case Car cannot be made available

  7. Email your requirement of date and time slot to

  8. Saturday bookings cost Cash $10 extra

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