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Send snapshot of your driving license and we will prepare your registration form

(Sample Registration Form)

First, Middle Name: ___________

Last Name: _________________ 

Date of Birth ________________

Gender ____________________

License Number: ____________ 

Condition Code _____________

Date of Issue: _______________

Date of Expiry: ______________ 

Address on License: __________ 

Cell Number: ________________ 

Student Email: _______________ 

Please Note:

  1. Fee includes free pickup and drop off of student for road driving lesson within Red Deer city limits

  2. Each driving lesson is of 2 hours. Maximum 2 lessons of 2 hours each, allowed in a day

  3. Weekend, holiday & after 4pm lessons are $10 cash extra

  4. Fee to be paid by Cash or intrac-e-transfer before each driving lesson

Payment Mode

  1. Cash / Interac-e-Transfer → Cost of lessons + GST

  2. Credit Card → (Cost of lessons + GST) + 3.5% card processing fee

  3. No other mode of payment accepted

  4. Fee needs to be paid in advance at least for the driving lesson of that day

Refund Policy

  1. No refund of 3.5% card processing fee.

  2. For cancellation of driving lesson, see paragraph 5 on page 2 below

  3. Refund will be paid through Cash/Interac-e-transfer

Course & Cost

  • Hourly Road Driving Lesson - Rate $145 +GST for each 2 hours driving lesson

  • Driving Theory 15 hours (online) - $150 +GST

  • Convert hourly driving lessons to Insurance Reduction Certificate - Buy minimum 10 hours Driving Lessons + Driving Theory (online) +GST

  • Car Rental for Road Test - Rate $145 +GST for each 2 hours booking. (Conditions Apply)

  • Weekend, Holiday and After 4pm Lessons cost $10 cash extra


Course selected by Student: Hourly Driving Lesson of ____ hours. (Each driving lesson of 2 hours)

Responsibility of the Student

  1. Student to be in possession of minimum Class-7 valid driving license or equivalent during Road Driving lesson

  2. Student should be in a medically and physically fit condition to undertake the driving lessons

  3. Unacceptable behaviour of the student, distracted driving or not following instructions of driving instructor will result in termination of driving lesson on the spot at student’s expense. It may also result in not conducting further driving lessons at school’s discretion and fee of next lessons paid will be refunded as per refund policy

  4. Student will be liable to pay upto insurance deductibles in case of an accident while the student was driving. Student will be liable to pay traffic violation fines incurred while the student was driving

  5. Student can change/cancel lesson more than 2 days prior to lesson at no cost. The onus of cancellation request reaching the school in time, through phone/text/email/any other means, lies with the student. Cancellation within 2 days of lesson or No-Show by the student will cost $75

  6. Student will be responsible to clear all dues in full to the driving school

Responsibility of Red Deer Driving School

  1. The school will provide road driving training in a professional manner

  2. Road Driving training will be provided by a driving instructor licensed by Alberta Transportation. Driving instructor will show the instructor license, driving license, vehicle registration and insurance to the student upon demand

  3. Vehicle being used for Road Driving lessons will be in good running condition, acceptable clean standard, modified for student driver training, have valid registration, 6D insurance and have “STUDENT DRIVER” sign on the vehicle

  4. During the Road Driving lesson, the driving instructor will give full attention to the student, try to make the student mentally comfortable and avoid any sort of distraction to the student

  5. In case School CANCELS a Road Driving Lesson due to vehicle breakdown, weather/road conditions, instructor illness, emergency commitment or any unforeseen reasons, all efforts will be made by the school to inform the student at the earliest and the lesson will be rescheduled to any available vacant spot as per student’s choice without any monetary compensation

  6. At the end of each road driving lesson, a student driving evaluation will be completed, and student will be apprised of shortcomings and remedial actions.

  7. Alberta Transportation authorizes 5 min break per every hour of Driving Lesson

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