• Driver Training Important to first learn correct driving skills from a qualified driving instructor and later practice the learnt skills with your relatives/friends to enhance your standard, develop proper habits and become an expert driver

  • Do Not Rush - There is no magic to become a good driver or pass road test with overnight learning. Few hours of training alone may not be enough to become ready for a road test. Give yourself enough time to practice driving skills learnt during the training

  • Start In Time - Do not leave driver training to the last minute. Starting a few months in advance gives you enough time to complete driver training and practice proper techniques, while adjusting to your busy schedule and our's

  • Hourly Driving Lessons - Best and Cheapest solution if you have already learnt basic driving with your friends/relatives. One or more driving lessons will help you to improve driving skills or learn important skills like parallel parking, etc

  • Learning ability is different for each student. Generally a new student learns driving in 10 to 12 hours. Novice or nervous students may take longer time to become capable to pass road test. Alberta transportation recommends 30-40 hours of driving practice to reach passing standards and become safe driver

Please Note

  • We provide special modified car along with driving instructor for the driving lessons

  • All course fee includes free student pickup and drop off within Red Deer for road driving lessons

  • Students who completes Full Driving course, gets Insurance Premium Reduction Certificate. Premium reduction is calculated by insurance companies and varies. Generally reduction is 250-350 per year 

  • ROAD TEST can be booked ONLY through Government website by you or by the registries using same government website

  • Check "Blogs" on website to learn more driving tips