Deciding Factors

Requirement of every new driver is different.  Decision may be based on your  previous driving experience, your budget, time available and level of confidence/nervousness


  • One Driving Lesson - If you have been driving regularly and just want to test or refine your driving skills through a qualified driving instructor 

  • Two Driving Lessons - If you have some driving experience with your relatives/friends and basically want to learn the correct driving technique like parallel parking, hill parking etc

  • Three Driving Lessons - If you have limited driving experience but are able to drive straight on road

  • Four Driving Lessons - If you have very limited experience of driving in open ground or back alley and are able to control the steering

  • Five Driving Lessons - For novice students but also depends upon how quickly you learn

  1. If you are unclear, you may start with one driving lesson and buy more if required. Regularly the driving instructor will advise the student about scope of improvement and how many more driving lessons needed to become Safe, Confident and Responsible driver and to pass road test

  2. Students who lack confidence, who are scared of driving, who have difficulty in coordinating their actions while driving - WILL NEED EXTRA driving lessons/practice.

  3. FULL Driving Course is recommended for novice / new student drivers to become a safe, responsible and confident driver. It also makes student eligible for Insurance Reduction for next 3 years

  4. Learning ability is different for each student. Novice students (or) students with minimal driving experience may need additional driving lessons/practice to become safe and confident drivers