Driving Theory

  1. To be completed ONLINE on your computer. 15 hours class. Link will be issued to your email and will remain valid for 30 days. Theory divided in modules. Any module can be repeated any number of times

  2. Includes interactive videos and exercises to teaches correct driving technique, traffic rules and reactions to various traffic situation. Track your understanding and progress

  3. At end, you get 3 attempts to qualify in Driving Theory quiz. Students who deliberately complete the course, easily score minimum 80% marks to qualify

Road Driving Lesson

  Includes Teaching/Practice on one or more of following aspects depending upon number of lessons

  1. Pre Trip activities as a Class 5 license holder

  2. Actions on start and return

  3. Activities while driving

  4. Moving out from curbside parking and returning

  5. Parallel parking in normal and tight parking spots

  6. Uphill and Downhill parking

  7. Angle and Perpendicular parking in parking lot

  8. Reverse parking

  9. Lane changing in various situations

  10. Navigating controlled intersection

  11. Navigating un-controlled intersection

  12. Navigating traffic circles

  13. Downtown driving

  14. Turns at various types of intersections

  15. Backing

  16. Entering and Exiting highway

  17. Lane changing on highway

  18. Dealing with various traffic conditions


  1. Each driving lesson is of 2 hours

  2. We provide Govt approved special modified 2021 Toyota Corolla car for driving lessons along with qualified driving instructor

  3. Free pick up and drop off of the student in Red Deer city limits

  4. Relatives or friends may NOT be able to teach you driving skills in a technical and professional manner as a Qualified Driving Instructor would do

  5. Learning ability is different for each student. Generally a student learns driving in 10 to 12 hours. Students who are novice, nervous, lacks confidence, have difficulty in coordinating their actions and mind while driving WILL NEED EXTRA driving lessons to become capable drivers. Alberta transportation recommends 30-40 hours of driving practice after training to reach passing standards and become capable driver.

  6. After completing Full Driving course, students can purchase additional driving lessons if needed