1. We are excited to inform you that we are starting our road driving lessons from May 18th. Our availability calendar has been updated for May. Kindly book your 2-hour driving lesson for date & time slot that suits you from the availability calendar

  2. We will take precautions as per health care guidelines while conducting driving lessons. Use of face mask, hand gloves, sanitizing parts of the car and screen between seats of driver and instructor

  3. Student to bring their own face mask for the driving lesson.

  4.  It is our duty to inform you that student driver may experience these limitations during driving lesson

    • Your eye glasses may fog up while wearing face mask. To minimize, the upper edge of face mask should curve with the shape of the nose so that the exhale out does not go up towards your glasses

    • You may not be able to see the right rear-view mirror very clearly because of the screen in the way of your vision. Image in right rear-view mirror may appear as when driving in rain. But driver will still be able to use right rear-view mirror effectively

    • Little cumbersome to drive with face mask and hand gloves. Student can take a short break whenever feeling tired

  5. Your suggestions are always most welcome.